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    Once in a decade, the CSPG, CSEG and CWLS partner with GAC, MAC and IAH to bring together a fully integrated geoscience program. GeoConvention 2020 is your once-in-a-decade opportunity to learn and knowledge share with a wide variety of earth science professionals. Whether your focus is petroleum, base and precious metals, geophysics, groundwater, bedrock and seabed mapping, geohazards, uranium or environmental remediation, GeoConvention 2020 will present the latest developments across a complete spectrum of Earth Science professionals. This is your ultimate opportunity to gain insight to your profession and the earth, sharing experiences and knowledge with your pears from across Canada and the world. GeoConvention offers some of the best local and international insights to efficient energy exploration and production, critical to the success of the industry.

    GeoConvention 2020 GAC-MAC Joint Meeting
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    The GeoConvention invites you to join us as a presenter for this once-in-a-decade collaboration, integrating all earth sciences.

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    Special publication volume SP14
    Mont Saint-Hilaire
    History, Geology and Mineralogy
    By László Horváth, Robert A. Gault,
    Elsa Pfenninger-Horváth & Glenn Poirier
    Series Editor: Robert F. Martin

    ISBN 978-0-921294-61-0, SP 14, 644 pages, hard cover, 2019
    CDN $125/Students $100 (in Canada) ~ US $125/Students $100 (outside Canada)
    (MAC Member, 20% discount)

    Taking over 20 years of meticulous preparation, László and Elsa Horváth, a duo of dedicated and dynamic amateur mineralogists, along with two researchers, Robert Gault, a mineralogist, and Glenn Poirier, a geologist, have produced the ultimate book, Mont Saint-Hilaire: History, Geology, Mineralogy. The photography captures the colors of Vásárely, the symmetry of Escher, the form of Bartók and the intricate patterns of Mandelbrot, all found here, in this miracle of nature. One cannot but marvel at how this single, small quarry contains such mineral diversity. At last count, over 434 mineral species have been found at Mont Saint-Hilaire, representing 9% of all known mineral species. The 66 type minerals first described from this locality represent 1.3 % of all mineral species, placing the Poudrette quarry in an extremely rarified class for worldwide mineral localities. Almost half, 47, of all known chemical elements are included in this mineral mix. Beginning some 124 million years ago, several million years and a variety of geological processes were needed to accomplish this assemblage. Be captivated, learn and, most of all, enjoy!

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    Topics in Mineral Sciences volume 47
    Indicator Minerals in Till and Stream Sediments of the Canadian Cordillera
    Edited by T. Ferbey, A. Plouffe, and A.S. Hickin

    This volume is the first joint publication of the GAC and the MAC. It is a GAC Special Paper and the inaugural contribution to the MAC's new Topics in Mineral Sciences series, which replaces the MAC Short Course series.

    Table of contents
    Supplementary data
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    List price $60, Members (30% discount) $42

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    Special publication volume SP13
    Minerals with a French Connection
    By François Fontan & Robert F. Martin

    Co-published with SFMC (Société Française de Minéralogie et Cristallographie)

    $125, Members (20% discount) $100

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    Review in "Le Regne Mineral"
    Review in "Mineral News"
    Review in "Rocks & Minerals" March/April 2019, volume 94, no 2, 194-196 by Dr. Peter Tarassoff
    Published by Taylor & Francis
    Review in "Paragénesis"
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    European and African customers, please place your order with
    SFMC(Société Française de Minéralogie et de Cristallographie)


    Thematic Issue, Volume 56, part 4
    A Tribute To Milan Novák
    Table of contents

    Thematic Issue, Volume 55, part 4
    Gems Materials
    Table of contents

    Thematic Issue, Volume 54, part 4
    Granitic Pegmatites: A Tribute to William B. "Skip" Simmons and Karen Louise Webber
    Table of contents

    Thematic Issue, Volume 54, part 2
    PGE Mineralogy from Magmatic to Supergene Environments
    Table of contents
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    Special Publication 12
    Understanding the Gem Minerals
    A practical Guide

    Table of contents
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    Special Publication 11
    Atlas of Ore Minerals
    Focus on Epithermal Deposits of Argentina

    Table of contents
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    CFES Publication/Publication FCST

    Four Billion Years and Counting
    Canada's Geological Heritage
    A fascinating exploration of Canada's geology
    for everyone intrigued by the landscape
    and the vital connection between ourselves
    and what lies beneath our feet.

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    Quatre milliards d'années d'histoire
    Le patrimoine géologique du Canada
    Quatre milliards d'années d'histoire vous entraînera dans une véritable aventure: celle de l'évolution des roches, des fossiles et des paysages du Canada.
    Une histoire en constante évolution ...

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    Congratulations to CFES on winning the Association of Earth Science Editors' 2015 Award for Outstanding Publication in the Print category.



    Short Course volume 46
    Geology and Geochemistry of
    Uranium and Thorium Deposits
    Table of contents
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    Short course volume SC45
    Cathodoluminescence and its
    Application to Geoscience
    Table of contents
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    Special publication volume SP7
    Atlas of Non-Silicate Minerals
    in Thin Section

    $125, Student price $100, 20% discount for members

    Review by Tony Nikischer published in Mineral News
    Review by Reto Gieré published in Elements
    Review by Daniel Kile published in Rocks & Minerals
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    This authoritative book contains an exhaustive compilation of information and bibliography on 408 minerals amenable to study with transmitted-light microscopy. A DVD containing all photos used in the Atlas is included as a resource for classroom use.

    Short course volume SC44
    Geology of Gem Deposits
    Second Edition Table of contents
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    Short course volume SC43
    Uranium: Cradle to Grave
    Table of contents
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    Special publication volume SP10
    $125, 20% discount for members

    Review by Tony Nikischer published in Mineral News
    Vol. 24, No. 11, page 8 (2008)
    Review by David Manning published in Elements
    Volume 4, No. 5, October 2008, page 356
    Review by Bruce Chappell and Alan White published in
    The Canadian Mineralogist

    Review by Barry Clarke published in Economic Geology
    Review by Florie Caporuscio published in
    American Mineralogist
    Table of contents
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    London's book gives us an excellent and thorough review of the current state of the art in pegmatite studies.

    Contributions to Canadian Mineralogy

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