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    Mineralogical Association of Canada Foundation

    History and Organization

    The Mineralogical Association of Canada Foundation (MACF) was established as a further expression of the status of the Mineral Association of Canada as a non-profit scientific organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the disciplines of mineralogy, crystallography, petrology, geochemistry and mineral deposits. To retain our status as a charitable organization we are required by Revenue Canada to utilize some of our funds for diverse educational and charitable endeavours. These activities can include: the organization of short courses and symposia; the funding of conferences; support of graduate research through scholarship; and travel grants for students.

    The finance committee of the Mineralogical Association of Canada (MAC) recommended in 1996 the establishment of a charitable foundation whose principal activity would be to raise and disburse funds for the support of scholarships and other activities to assist students in their research work. As a result of this recommendation the Mineralogical Association of Canada Foundation was incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act by the issuance of Letters Patent on March 7, 1997. The objectives of the Corporation as set out in the Letters Patent are:

    "To receive or maintain a fund or funds and to transfer from time to time all or part thereof or the income therefrom to the Mineralogical Association of Canada/Association Minéralogique du Canada"

    The Mineralogical Association of Canada Foundation (MACF) currently operates as a “mirror board” to MAC Council, that is all of the current members of MAC council are automatically members of MACF. Other persons, who are not members of MAC council may also be appointed to the Foundation as required. The President and officers of the Foundation are elected by the MACF board members at the annual general meeting of MACF. It is not required that the President of MAC be the Chairman of MACF. Copies of By-Law No.1, the general by-law, which governs the operations of the Foundation may be obtained from the MAC Coordinator.

    In May 1998, MAC Council authorized the transfer of seed capital from MAC to MACF. Interest from these funds invested by MACF are, on an ad hoc basis, transferred back to MAC to fund the MACF Scholarship and other activities. The actual disbursement of funds is thus from MAC and not MACF.

    Charitable donations to MACF by individuals or corporations are always welcome. Please consider giving tax-deductible to MACF in support of the advancement of science and support of the next generation of geoscientists. Information regarding donations can be obtained from the Business Manager.

    Current Activities

    MACF Scholarship

    The annual MACF Scholarship was established to support graduate students engaged in research in any of the fields currently supported by MAC. The Mineralogical Association of Canada will award two $5000 scholarships to graduate students yearly, one to a student enrolled in an MSc program and one to a student in a PhD program.. Students who are eligible for this scholarship must be entering their second year of an M.Sc. Program or the second or third year of a Ph.D. program at any Canadian University in the year of the application. In addition students who are Canadian citizens attending a university located outside of Canada are eligible to apply for this award. Note that MACF scholarships are not intended to be replacements for other scholarships or teaching assistantships, and students should not be financially penalised should they receive a MACF Scholarship in addition to their other sources of funding.

    The closing date for applications is May 1 of the current application year. Applicants should be notified of the result of their application prior to September 1st of that year.

    Applications for the MACF Scholarship are assessed by a committee consisting of three members of MAC Council nominated at the previous council meeting. Each application is considered with respect to the novelty of the work being undertaken by the applicant.

    MAC reserves the right not to award a MACF Scholarship in any given year should the assessment committee consider that none of the applications meets the required criteria or standard of work.

    Recipients of MACF Scholarships since 1999
    Recipients of MACF Travel/Research grants since 2005

    Travel grants-in-aid

    MACF provides on an ad hoc and annual basis grants-in-aid for travel to, and attendance at, major conferences.

    (I) The ad hoc grants are available for infrequently-held major international conferences such as the International Mineralogical Association meetings held every four years. In the year prior to the meeting MAC council will determine the number and value of grants-in-aid to be distributed for that meeting. To be eligible for this grant the student must be giving an oral or poster presentation at the conference.

    Application forms and procedures for the next round of ad hoc grants-in-aid will be announced on this web site.

    (II) MACF supports annual travel bursaries up to $1200 for students to present the results of their research work at a major annual conference (GAC/MAC; Goldschmidt; GSA etc).

    To be eligible for this grant the student must be giving an oral or poster presentation at the conference. Applicants can be senior undergraduates presenting the results of their thesis work or graduate students in any year of a masters or doctoral program.

    The applications will be assessed by a committee consisting of three members of MAC council nominated at the previous council meeting. Applicants should be notified of the success or failure of their application within approximately one month of the closing date for applications.

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