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    Synchrotron Radiation Earth, Environmental and Material Sciences Applications

    Editors Grant S. Henderson and Don R. Baker

    This short-course volume presents what synchrotron radiation is, what the latest techniques are, what types of Earth, environmental and materials science problems can be investigated using synchrotron techniques, what the Canadian Light Source can do, how one gains access to the CLS and other sources, and how data are reduced and analyzed for specific techniques.

    Most of the material is at a level of understanding for most upper undergraduate and graduate students although recent results and ideas presented will appeal to both pure and applied researchers working on Earth, environmental and material sciences.

    Table of contents

    Synchrotron Radiation: An Overview
         T.K. Sham

    The Canadian Light Source: Progress, and Opportunities for Earth, Environmental and Materials Science Applications
         G.M. Bancroft & E.L. Hallin

    Powder and Single Crystal Diffraction Using Synchrotron Radiation
         J.S. Tse

    X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy
         De-Tong Jiang

    The Hard X-ray Microprobe
         D.R. Baker

    Interpretation of X-Ray Photoelectron Spectra with Applications to Mineralogy and Geochemistry
         H. Wayne Nesbitt

    The Application of Synchrotron Radiation to Amorphous Materials
         G.S. Henderson

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