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    Mercury: Sources, Measurements, Cycles, and Effects


    Michael B. Parsons & Jeanne B. Percival

    Table of contents

    1. A Brief History of Mercury and its Environmental Impact - Michael B. Parsons and Jeanne B. Percival

    2. Geogenic and Mining Sources of Mercury to the Environment - Jim Rytuba

    3. Anthropogenic Sources and Global Inventory of Mercury Emissions - Jozef M. Pacyna and Elisabeth G. Pacyna

    4. Methods for the Sampling and Analysis of Geological Materials for Both Total Mercury and Sequential Extraction - Gwendy E.M. Hall (GSC-Ottawa)

    5. Speciation of Inorganic Mercury Associated With Solid Matrices by Thermal Desorption Coupled With ICP-MS - Julia Y. Lu and D. Conrad Grégoire

    6. Speciation of Mercury Using Synchrotron Radiation - Christopher S. Kim

    7. Measurement of Gaseous Mercury Fluxes in the Terrestrial Environment - Pat E. Rasmussen, Grant Edwards, William Schroeder, Sandra Ausma, Alexandra Steffen, Jeff Kemp, Colleen Hubble-Fitzgerald, Larbi El Bilali and Goretty Dias

    8. Biogeochemical Cycles Affecting the Speciation, Fate and Transport of Mercury in the Environment - David P. Krabbenhoft, Brian A. Branfireun and Andrew Heyes

    9. Atmospheric Distribution and Long-Range Transport of Mercury - Catharine Banic, Pierrette Blanchard, Ashu Dastoor, Hayley Hung, Alexandra Steffen, Rob Tordon, Laurier Poissant & Brian Wiens

    10. Mercury in the Marine Environment - Gary Gill

    11. Using Biological Archives to Discriminate Natural from Anthropogenic Mercury in Animals: A Methodological Review - Peter M. Outridge

    12. Mercury in Biota and its Effects - Neil M. Burgess

    13. Mercury Exposure and Human Health Effects - Mark H. Barlow, Shalini Gupta and S. Donaldson

    14. Mercury Management in Canada: Domestic and Global Dimensions. - Grace Howland, Tonya Bender, and Lorrie Hayes

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