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    Read the following reviews on Special Publication 1

    Review published in Mineralogical Magazine, 1998, p.432-433<
    Blackburn, W.H. and Dennen, W. H.
    Encyclopedia of Mineral Names.
    Ottawa (Mineralogical Association of Canada),
    Special Publication No. 1, 1997, viii + 360 pp,
    ISBN 0-921294-45-x, Price $40.

    This attractively produced and sensibly priced hardback book in A4 format provides a detailed study of the origin of the names of 3800 mineral species considered to be valid by today's criteria. The nomenclature used is that approved by the IMA Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names and includes the recently published revision of the nomenclature of the amphiboles. As well as giving the etymology of each name, details are also given of the discover of the mineral, its type locality, chemical formula, symmetry and space group, and pertinent references. Also, where appropriate, the relationship with other species is mentionned. The introductory pages provide a detailed explanation of the principles involved in the naming of mineral species.

    The entries are organised alphabetically and cover the literature to the end of 1996; each letter section is headed with a piece of mineralogical artwork by Peter I. Russell, illustrating one of the included species. In species coverage the book parallels the well known Glossary of Mineral Species by Fleischer and Mandarino, but provides the additional etymological information and original references. Is also updates and expands on R. S. Mitchell's 1979 book Mineral Names: what do they mean?

    The price of the book, its publication as part of the Mineralogical Association of Canada's programme, and its attractive presentation should add to its direct appeal to systematic mineralogists and ensure its successful marketing.

    A. M. Clark

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