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    Read the following reviews on Special Publication 4

    Nomenclature of Minerals: A Compilation of IMA Reports by Mineralogical Association of Canada (1998). Order from: P.O. Box 78087, Meriline Postal Outlet, 1460 Merivale Road, Ottawa, Canada K2E 1B1. ISBN 0-921294-42-5, pp.149. US$15 (includes postage).

    The International Mineralogical Commission (IMA) on New Minerals and Mineral Names (CNMMN) have issued numerous reports since 1962. This volume contains a copy of the most recent reports published since 1977 such as mica, zeolite ans amphibole reviews. Fifteen were published by Canadian Mineralogist and American Mineralogist published two reports. An appendix gives a list of symbols of the rock-forming minerals. The pyrochlore group paper contains a useful appendix by D.D. Hogarth, which contains an update for the years 1977 to 1998.

    The high quality and large quantity of mineralogical work in this volume indicates that the mineralogical community must give many thanks to the many mineralogists, who have contribued to this magnificient work organized by CNMMN. The main contributor to the volume is Ernie Nickel from CSIRO, Perth with six papers.

    What is missing? The summary of recommendations of the Association Internationale pour l'Étude des Argiles (AIPEA) nomenclature committee on clay minerals, American Mineralogist 65, 1 (1980); regular interstratifactions, Clays Clay Minerals 30, 76 (1982); classification of clay minerals, Clays Clay Minerals 39, 333 (1991); definition of clay and clay mineral, Clay Minerals 30, 257 (1995). One hopes for better cooperation between CNMMN and AIPEA in the future!

    Although all the CNMMN papers can be found in the literature, it is a time consuming affair. I have probably missed some important papers by AIPEA, which shows the difficulty. This very inexpensive booklet is now one of the few books that stays on my desk! A very good buy.

    Peter Bayliss, Australian Museum.

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