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    Proceedings 2003

    The 48th annual meeting of the Mineralogical Association of Canada

    The 48th annual meeting of the Mineralogical Association of Canada was held May 26 - 28 at the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel, in stunning downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. The meeting had over 930 registrants and included ten field trips.

    The scientific program consisted of five symposia, 24 special sessions (including the MAC-sponsored SS 19, "Truth & Beauty in Metamorphism: A tribute to Dugald Carmichael") and six general sessions, along with ten field trips. The MAC sponsored two well-attended short courses at the Joint Annual Meeting: "Fluid Inclusions: Analysis and Interpretation: (coordinated by I. Samson, A. Anderson & D. Marshall, Short-Course Volume 32) and "Environmental Aspects of Mine Wastes" (coordinated by J.L. Jambor, D.W. Blowes & A.I.M. Ritchie, Short-Course Volume 31). Your Association has also continued to support the Leonard G. Berry Summer School Series. The second one, "Silicate Melts, Glasses and Magmas" was convened by Prof. J.K. Russell held at the University of British Columbia, September 1-5, 2003. It was taught by Prof. Don Dingwell (Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Germany) with supplementary lectures from Prof. K. Cashman and Ms. A. Rust (University of Oregon. It attracted 42 participants from universities, industry and government labs. Prof. Kelly expressed his sincere thanks to MAC for helping to support this endeavour and summarized his impressions as, "The workshop provided a unique forum for meaningful networking between Canadian-based scientists and their international counterparts".

    The annual MAC luncheon and award presentations were held May 27 in Ballroom D of the Sheraton Wall Centre. The Hawley Award, for the best paper in Volume 40 of The Canadian Mineralogist was awarded by Association President Norman Halden to Daniel J. Kontak, Jaroslav Dostal, T. Kurtis Kyser and Douglas A. Archibald for their paper, "A petrological, geochemical, isotopic and fluid-inclusion study of 370 Ma pegmatite-aplite sheets, Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada" (Vol. 40, p. 1249-1288). The Past Presidents' medal was awarded to Edward D. Ghent (University of Calgary). The Berry medal was awarded to Gina Lecheminant (Geological Survey of Canada) for her contributions and service to the MAC both as Secretary (for 13 years) and as part of the driving force behind development of a new business model for MAC. The Young Scientist's medal was awarded to Al Meldrum (University of Alberta) who is conducting research into materials useful in nanotechnological applications.

    The Annual Business meeting took place on May 27 in the Parksville Room, with 19 members in attendance. President Halden began the meeting with an open discussion of the future of MAC and the impact that electronic aggregation could have on the association. In general, it was concluded that while electronic aggregation could be viewed as a potential threat to the MAC, it could just as well open doors to new opportunities. Scientific organizations in similar or aligned fields have already decided to join these aggregates, and your council will continue to keep you apprised of the situation. The cost of ordinary and corporate/institutional memberships will remain unchanged for the coming year, which is welcome news. In addition to the two new short-course volumes listed above, the MAC will be publishing The Atlas of Minerals in Thin Section (SP7, a joint publication with E. de Barcelona; scheduled to be released in the fall of 2003), with several others being planned for in the near future. The MAC has also augmented MACF funds with the transfer of $105,000. The money will be used to finance new research and travel grants, as well as the possibility of introducing additional scholarships. The Newsletter, which is becoming very popular thanks to the wonderful stories and hard editorial efforts of Ms. Pierrette Tremblay, is now being published three times a year. If you are interested in finding out more regarding the plans and efforts of the MAC, you are invited to visit our website (www.mineralogicalassociation.ca).

    The audited financial statements to year end December 31, 2002, prepared by Joanne L. Dorman, Chartered Accountant (Burnaby, BC) lists the equity for MAC at $723,269 in the bank, ($62,000 as cash on hand) and $349,731 for MACF. For 2002, MAC's net income was approximately $77,000. Overall, things are quite healthy from a financial standpoint, and the MAC is in an excellent position to stave off any short-term, potential problems. The audited financial statements are published in Newsletter 70 (p. 6-7).

    The Association, through the MAC Foundation, awarded its $10,000 graduate scholarship to Daniel Layton-Matthews (University of Toronto) who is conducting a Ph.D. research project on the volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits of the Finlayson Lake area, Yukon Territory, Canada. Your financial support of this very deserving award is greatly appreciated. Please direct any inquires regarding donations to the
    MAC Foundation to R.H. Mitchell,
    Chairman of the Board,
    MAC Foundation,
    Lakehead University,
    Thunder Bay, Ontario,
    P7B 5E1 (rmitchel@gale.lakeheadu.ca).

    The next Joint Annual Meeting of GAC and MAC will take place at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, May 12-14, 2004. The theme for the meeting is "Lake to Lake" (http://www.stcatharines2004.ca). The MAC will continue to show a strong presence at the Joint Annual Meeting by sponsorship of special sessions and short courses. Hope to see you there!

    Andrew M. McDonald Secretary

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