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    The Peacock Medal formerly the Past-Presidents' Medal is awarded to a scientist who has made outstanding contributions to the mineral sciences in Canada. There is no restriction regarding nationality or residency. The medal is intended to recognize the breadth and universality of these contributions in mineralogy, applied mineralogy, petrology, crystallography, geochemistry or the study of mineral deposits rather than in a narrow area of expertise. A committee of three Past Presidents, chaired by the immediate Past Presidents, considers all nominations received. Nominations should be accompanied by a one-page explanation of the merits of your nominee and forwarded to Andrew M. McDonald (Department of Earth Sciences, Laurentian University, Sudbury, ON P3E 2C6, CANADA; phone: (705) 675-1151 ext 2266; e-mail: amcdonald@laurentian.ca by December 31, 2018.

    Previous recipients of the medal are:

    Heather E. Jamieson (2017) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Peter C. Burns (2016) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Donald Bruce Dingwell (2015) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Don R. Baker (2014) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    David R.M. Pattison (2013) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Dante L. Canil (2012) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Daniel J. Kontak (2011) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Brian J. Fryer (2010) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Don Francis (2009) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Kelly Russell (2008) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Sarah-Jane Barnes (2007) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Joel D. Grice (2006) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Anthony E. Williams-Jones (2005) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Fred Wicks (2004) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Ed Ghent (2003) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    John L. Jambor (2002)[Bio] [Citation] [Response]
    Kurt Kyser (2001) [Citation] [Response]
    Greg Anderson (2000)
    Frank C. Hawthorne (1999)
    Fred J. Longstaffe (1998)
    Mike E. Fleet (1997)
    Thomas E. Krogh (1996)
    Hugh Greenwood (1995)
    Roger Mitchell (1994)
    Louis Cabri (1993)
    Robert Boyle (1992)
    Tony Naldrett (1991)
    Lincoln Hollister (1990)
    Rob Kerrich (1989)
    Steve Scott (1988)
    Peter Roeder (1987)
    Don Sangster (1986)
    Denis Shaw (1985)
    Petr Černý (1984)
    Gabrielle Donnay (1983)
    Len Berry (1982)

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