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    This award is given to a young scientist who has made a significant international research contribution in a promising start to a scientific career. The areas of research considered are any or all of those covered by the Mineralogical Association of Canada.

    • The scientist will have received their Ph.D.not more than 15 years before the award.
    • The scientist must be a Canadian working anywhere in the world or a scientist of any nationality working in Canada.
    • The research areas include mineralogy, crystallography, petrology, geochemistry, mineral deposits, and related fields of study.
    • The candidate must be nominated by a member of MAC.
    • The letter of nomination must be accompanied by a statement giving the accomplishments of the candidate, the candidate's curriculum vitae, and list of publications.
    • Candidates may also be identified by members of the selection committee.
    • The selection committee will be made up of the Past President and three other MAC members selected by the Past President.
    • The selection of the winning scientist normally will by made in January or February in order that the award be presented at the May Annual Meeting of the Association.
    • The award need not be presented in any given year if a suitable candidate cannot be found.

    Nominations should be sent to Andrew M. McDonald (Department of Earth Sciences, Laurentian University, Sudbury, ON P3E 2C6, CANADA; phone: (705) 675-1151 ext 2266; e-mail: amcdonald@laurentian.ca by December 31, 2018.

    Previous winners of the award are:
    Siobhan (Sasha) Alexandra Wilson (2017)[Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Jacob Hanley (2016)[Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Gordon R. Osinski (2015)[Bio][Citation] [Response]
    J. Gregory Shellnutt (2014)[Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Kimberly T. Tait (2013)[Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Sytle M. Antao (2012)[Bio][Citation] [Response]
    David A. Fowle (2011)[Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Sarah A. Gleeson (2010)[Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Christopher Herd (2009)[Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Andrew J. Locock (2008)[Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Laurence Andrew Coogan (2007)[Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Michael Schindler (2006)[Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Anton R. Chakhmouradian (2005)[Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Yuanming Pan (2004)[Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Al Meldrum (2003)
    James Brenan (2002)[Citation] [Response]
    J.S. Scoates (2001) [Citation] [Response]
    Greg Dipple (2000)
    Lee A. Groat (1999)
    Peter C. Burns (1998)

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