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    Volume 47
    Topics in Mineral Sciences, formerly Short Course, series

    Indicator Minerals in Till and Stream Sediments of the Canadian Cordillera
    Edited by T. Ferbey, A. Plouffe, and A.S. Hickin

    Supplementary data

    Mao, M., Rukhlov, A.S., Rowins, S.M., Hickin, A.S., Ferbey, T., Bustard, A., Spence, J., and Coogan, L.A., 2017.
    A novel approach using detrital apatite and till geochemistry to identify covered mineralization in the TREK area of the Nechako Plateau, British Columbia.
    In: Ferbey, T., Plouffe, A., and Hickin, A.S. (Eds.), pp. 191-243.

    Readme supplementary data Mao et al., 2017 Word Format (20,6 KO)


    Appendix 1. BSE images of analyzed apatite grains; file name corresponds to grain number in Appendix Table 1.

    Appendix 2. Detailed EPMA and LA-ICPMS analytical methods and description of application of the apatite discriminant method.

    Appendix 3.
    a) Chondrite-normalized rare earth element plots for apatite grains per till sample, using normalization of Boynton (1984).
    b) Spider diagrams for apatite grains per till sample normalized to the average mid-ocean ridge (MOR) apatite of Mao et al. (2016).

    Appendix 4. Step-by-step apatite discrimination diagrams after Mao et al. (2016) for apatite grains per till sample.

    Appendix 5. Geology, mineral occurrences, generalized ice-flow directions, and sample locations.
    a) Chu and Big Bend Creek areas.
    b) Blackwater-3Ts area.
    c) Hallett Lake area.
    d) Bob and QFP areas.
    e) Saunders area.
    f) Tagai-Chilako River and Sinkut Mountain areas.

    Appendix Figures

    Appendix Figure 1. Chu-Big Bend Creek area.

    Appendix Figure 2. Blackwater-3Ts area.

    Appendix Figure 3. Hallett Lake area.

    Appendix Figure 4. Bob-QFP area.

    Appendix Figure 5. Saunders area.

    Appendix Figure 6. Tagai-Chilako River area.

    Appendix Figure 7. Sinkut Mountain area.

    Appendix Tables

    Appendix Table 1. EPMA and LA-ICPMS results.

    Appendix Table 2. Apatite discrimination results.

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