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    The Leonard G. Berry Medal is awarded annually for distinguished service to the Association in an elected role. The award recognizes significant service to the Association in one or more areas that may include leadership or long-term service in an elected or appointed office. The medal is named after Leonard G. Berry (1914-1982), a founding member of the MAC, editor of The Canadian Mineralogist and its predecessor for 25 years and first winner of the MAC Past-Presidents? medal. The medalist is chosen by a committee consisting of the two immediate past recipients of the medal and one member-at-large and is chaired by the Vice-President (ex officio). Nominations are encouraged from the membership at large and should be sent to Andrew M. McDonald (Department of Earth Sciences, Laurentian University, Sudbury, ON P3E 2C6, CANADA; phone: (705) 675-1151 ext 2266; e-mail: amcdonald@laurentian.ca by December 31, 2018.

    Previous recipients of this medal are:
    Jim Nicholls (2016) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Martine Savard (2015) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Fran and Bob Pinard (2011) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Iain M. Samson (2008) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Mati Raudsepp (2006) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Robert P. Raeside (2005) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Pierrette Tremblay (2005) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    J. Douglas Scott (2004) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Gina LeCheminant (2003) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Robert T. Downs (2002) [Bio][Citation] [Response]
    Robert F. Martin (2001) [Citation] [Response]
    Norman M. Halden (1999)
    Dorian G.W. Smith (1998)
    J.M. Duke (1997)
    Sol Kaiman (1996)
    Bob Gait (1995)
    Ann Sabina (1994)
    Louis Cabri (1993)
    John Jambor (1992)
    Dick Alcock (1991)
    Joe Mandarino (1990)
    Guy Perrault (1989)
    Les Nuffield (1988)
    Ron Graham (1987)

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