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    The undergraduate student awards are given annually to an undergraduate student (2nd year of study or higher) at a recognized Canadian university or institute of higher education for excellence in one of the specialties supported by the Mineralogical Association of Canada (mineralogy, crystallography, geochemistry, petrology and mineral deposits). The recipient will receive a one-year membership to the Association (including electronic access to The Canadian Mineralogist, a subscription to Elements, 20% discount on MAC publications, discounted registration fee at our annual meeting) and a $100 gift certificate redeemable on any MAC publications to be selected from our Short Course, Special Issue of The Canadian Mineralogist or Special Publication series. If a suitable undergraduate student is not available, a graduate student may be chosen. The nominating officer must be an instructor of a course involving one of the specialties supported by the Mineralogical Association of Canada.

    Please note: we can only respond to one nomination per institution per year, The deadline to submit a nomination is January 31.
    Download the nomination form.

    For more information, contact Johanne Caron at jcaron@mineralogicalassociation.ca

    Congratulations to the following students who have received MAC undergraduate awards


    Erin Bohlender, University of Calgary
    Joshua Boucher, University of Windsor
    Laurestine L. Bradford, University of Toronto
    Ryan J. Brigham, Brock University
    Michelle R. Brooks, Douglas College
    Kelsey Meghan Bulbuc, University of Alberta
    Rebecca Canam, University of British Columbia
    Ryan Desjarlais, University of Manitoba
    Caitlin P. Fischer, Queen's University
    François Fournier-Roy, Université Laval
    Philippe Guertin, Université du Québec â Montréal
    Andrew Jedemann, Lakehead University
    Kelsey Koerner, University of New Brunswick
    Kim MacRae, University of British Columbia, Okanagan
    Rae Lyn McClintock, University of Regina
    Taylor Alexis McPherson, Brandon University
    Benjamin A. Myrer, Dalhousie University
    Nikol M. Posnov, University of Western Ontario
    Laura-Pier Perron-Desmeules, Université du Québec â Chicoutimi
    Jenna Randazzo, McGill University
    Mitchell Richardson, Carleton University
    R, William Scott, Laurentian University
    Crystal Smith, Acadia University
    Casey C. Taylor, University of Victoria
    Rachael Turner, St. Francis Xavier University
    Leela Witvoet, Mount Royal University
    Sean Wong, University of Waterloo


    Zoe E. Chapman-Humphreys, University of Victoria
    Amy Cleaver, Lakehead University
    Alison Cottrell, University of Regina
    Rachel Culver, Queen's University
    Jacqueline Dubreuil, UBC Okanagan
    Grace Emily Enns, University of Windsor
    Christopher Grondin, Université Laval
    Anna Katarina Haataja, University of Calgary
    Byunghun Ko, University of New Brunswick
    Stephanie Anne Kobylinski, University of Waterloo
    Adam C. LaRiviere, University of Alberta
    Derek Leung, Laurentian University
    Nathan M. McCullough, Acadia University
    Linda Pan, McGill University
    Todd Robinson, Brock University
    Colin G. Ross, St. Francis Xavier University
    Karim Simard, Université du Québec â Chicoutimi
    Jolee K Stewart, University of Western Ontario


    Carlee J. Akam, University of Victoria
    Daniel M. Baker, University of Alberta
    Allan A. Bieber, University of Manitoba
    Inayat Dhaliwal, University of Calgary
    Caleb Grant, St. Francis Xavier University
    Tong Hong, University of Waterloo
    Rilea Kynock, University of New Brunswick
    Marika Labbé, Université Laval
    Jackson Daniel Malone, Acadia University
    Reid James Merrill, University of British Columbia (Okanagan)
    Mallory Metcalf, Queen's University
    Hoang Anh Tu Lavie Nguyen, University of Saskatchewan
    Stacey Nicole Parmenter, Memorial University
    Justin T Pentesco, Brock University
    Forest R. Pimm, University of Victoria
    Jamie Schmidt, University of Regina
    Claudia M. Selles, McGill University
    Aamna Asad Sirohey, Western University
    Jessie Villeneuve, Université du Québec â Chicoutimi
    Elliot Wehrle, Laurentian University


    Hayley Angel Marie Arts, Carleton University
    Cameron Bessey, University of Waterloo
    Austin Davidson, Brock University
    Eric A. Garcelon, University of New Brunswick
    Andre Mark Gollner, University of British Columbia
    Thomas E. Gore, Laurentian University
    Maya T. LaGrange, Rao University of Alberta
    Dillon K. Langelaan, Acadia University
    Britney Laturnus, University of Regina
    Eleanor D. McAuley, Queen's University
    Charles-Elie Mercier, Université Laval
    Doug Nikkila, Lakehead University
    Laura F. Nymeyer, University of Victoria
    Lori E. Paslawski, St. Francis Xavier University
    Adam D. Skoyles, University of Windsor
    Kassandra Sofonio, McGill University
    Courtney Stange, Mount Royal University
    Neera Sundaralingam, Western University
    Karolan Tremblay, Université du Québec â Chicoutimi
    Christopher R. Voisey, Memorial University of Newfoundland


    Jennifer M. Adam, University of New Brunswick
    Taryn Lynn Azzopardi, University of Windsor
    Christopher Beckett-Brown, Laurentian University
    Hannah Cavallin, University of British Columbia
    Alyssa Davis, Brock University
    Jack Eastwood, Queen's University
    Alan Hannah, Mount Royal University
    Patrick J. A.Hill, University of British Columbia
    Victoria Houde, Western University
    Jillian Kendrick, Dalhousie University
    Alexandra Laudadio, Carleton University
    Marie-Christine Lauzon, Laval University
    Daniel MacLeod, Saint Francis Xavier University
    Dominique Morin, University of Quebec Chicoutimi
    Haylea Nisbet, McGill University
    Alix Osinchuk, University of Alberta
    Amanda Dawn Palaniuk, University of Regina
    Vivian Pattison, University of Victoria
    Simon Poirier, Acadia University


    Ian K. Bragdon, University of New Brunswick
    Colin Bryden, University of Alberta
    Simon Cloutier, Université Laval
    Edouard Còté-Lavoie, Université du Québec â Chicoutimi
    André Couture, Northern College, Haileybury School of Mines
    Amanda Dean, University of Calgary
    Nicole Eriks, University of British Columbia
    Pauline Suzanne Flottat, University of British Columbia Okanagan
    Emily M. Griffiths, McGill University
    Sienna R. Johnson, University of Regina
    Caroline J. Karubin, University of Waterloo
    Mary H. Kerr, Laurentian University
    John X. MacFarlane, St. Francis Xavier University
    Haris Majeed, University of Toronto
    Shevaun McGoldrick, Dalhousie University
    Meghan O'Brien, Western University
    Caitlin S. Patterson, University of Victoria
    Samantha Pomroy, University of Newfoundland
    Celine Porter, Acadia University
    Emily Don Scribner, Queen's University
    Aidan Robert Vooght, University of Saskatchewan
    Paul Wawrzonkowski, Laurentian University
    Stephen M. West, Lakehead University


    Philippe Belley, University of Ottawa
    Jason Bot, University of Regina
    Colin Brisco, Memorial University of Newfoundland
    Shannon G. Broughm, Dalhousie University
    Philippe Drouin, Université Laval
    Lindsay Fenwick, Queen's University
    Prateek Gupta, McMaster University
    Danielle Kondla, University of Calgary
    Rebekka Lee, Brock University
    A. Rebecca Lynn MacDonald, St. Francis Xavier University
    Sarah L. McArthur, University of Victoria
    Sarah Muir Mount Royal University
    Lisa J. Mundry, Acadia University
    Emily M. Palmer, Univversity of New Brunswick
    Julia M. Scott, University of British Columbia
    Kasparas Spokas, McGill University
    Cassie M. Stuurman, The University of Western Ontario
    Jonathan Tremblay, Université du Québec â Chicoutimi
    Philip Ralph Van-Lane, University of Waterloo


    Catherine J. Armstrong, McGill University
    Alicia L. Beynon, McMaster University
    Benoit Charette, Université Laval
    Jordan A. Clark, University of Victoria
    Michael A. D'Angelo, Lakehead University
    Zachary Adam Diloreto, University of Windsor
    Justin B.R. Drummond, Acadia University
    Jackson D. Froome, Queen's University
    Matthew F. Hardman, University of Alberta
    Quinn Harper, Simon Fraser University
    Freda LeBlanc, Mount Royal University
    Svieda Ma, Dalhousie University
    Steven R.D. MacInnis, St. Francis Xavier University
    Jenine Marie McCutcheon, The University of Western Ontario
    Jordan A. McDivitt, University of British Columbia - Okanagan
    Faith Meadows, University of Toronto
    Julia A. Merola, University of British Columbia
    Arianne J. Petley Ragan, Carleton University
    Elysia Schuurmans, University of Regina
    Ankar Sheng, University of Manitoba
    Alicia Edna Pearlynn Thomas, Brock University


    Michael A. Antonelli, University of Alberta
    Jessica Baldwin, Memorial University
    Anne-Marie Beauchamp, Université Laval
    Anne C. Belanger, Dalhousie University
    Matthew Brzozowski, University of Windsor
    Kevin M. Cannon, Queen's University
    Martine Chabot, Université du Québec â Chicoutimi
    Brady Kevin Clift, UBC Okanagan
    Adam Clough, Carleton University
    Kendall L. Culligan, University of British Columbia
    Matea Drljepan, Brock University
    Ashley Marie Emms, Mount Royal University
    Stephanie Friedrich, Acadia University
    Evan R. Gladney, St. Mary's University
    Amy M. Kenwell, University of Waterloo
    Ellen Leask, McGill University
    Jason Levesque, University of New-Brunswick
    Ryan Breau Libbey, The University of Western Ontario
    Travis J.A. McCarron, St. François Xavier University
    Jalissa C. McMullen, University of Regina
    Greg F. Paju, Lakehead University
    Danica Francine Pascua, University of Toronto
    Meghan C. Tomlin, University of Victoria
    Peter A. Tschirhart, McMaster University


    Erika B. Anderson, McGill University
    Katarina E. Bjorkman, Lakehead University
    Jennifer Blain, Université Laval
    Nicole J. Brooker, University of British Columbia Okanagan
    Benjamin Gordon Daniels, University of Waterloo
    Kayla Dell, Brock University
    Lisa Douglas, University of Victoria
    Gregory Howard, Saint Mary's University
    Trevor Kelly, Dalhousie University
    Francis Lacoursière, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
    Alana Mackinder, Carleton University
    Kathleen McDonald, Laurentian University
    Hannah Mills, University of Alberta
    Izyan Hani Mohd Izham, The University of Western Ontario
    Pamela Patraskovic, University of Toronto
    Iva Peklova, University of Windsor
    Laura Pisiak, University of Manitoba
    Dylan Quinn, St. Francis Xavier University
    Andrew Jonathan Smith, University of Regina
    Gabriel Walton, Queen's University
    Robin Westland, Acadia University


    Donnelly B. Archibald, St. Francis Xavier University
    Eleanor J. Berryman, McGill University
    Natasha L. Bumstead, The University of Western Ontario
    Ania Danigier, University of Windsor
    David Dirisio, Brock University
    Chelcy J. Fougere, Acadia University
    Sean P. Funk, University of Alberta
    Devon C. Griffiths, University of Calgary
    Monika Haring, Laurentian University
    Kayla M. Helt, Queen's University
    Luke J. Hilchie, Dalhousie University
    Maude Levesque Michaud, Universite Laval
    Kevin J. MacKenzie, UBC Okanagan
    Seamus J. Magnus, Lakehead University
    Laura Malone, University of New Brunswick
    Shawn O'Connor, Carleton University
    Christopher R. Rawluk, University of Manitoba
    Ryan Ruthart, University of Waterloo
    Eric ES Street, Simon Fraser University
    Jolene Styan, University of Victoria
    Ryan Szilagyi, University of Regina


    Mike G. Babechuk, University of Windsor
    Susan Banman, Carleton University
    Guillaume Beaudoin, Université du Quebec â Chicoutimi
    Laura Bergen, University of Manitoba
    Nathan Bridge, University of Western Ontario
    Katherine Buckingham, Queen's University
    Frédéric Fleury, Université Laval
    Dianne Gray, University of Brithsi Columbia - Okanagan
    Luke J. Hilchie, Dalhousie University
    Heléne Houde, Université du Québec â Montreal
    Ryan D. Martin, University of Waterloo
    Scott McGregor, Brandon University
    Heidi McKee, Saint Mary's University
    Sara McPhail, University of Victoria
    Paul Medici, Brock University
    Peter R. Meredith, St. Francis Xavier University
    Benjamin A. Olsen, University of New Brunswick
    Carl Richardson, Acadia University
    Steven Siemieniuk, Lakehead University
    Tanner Soroka, University of Regina
    Eric N. Street, Simon Fraser University
    Lesley-Anne Sykora, Laurentian University
    Emily B. Vanderstaal, Mt. Royal College


    David A. Arsenault, Memorial University of Newfoundland
    Stephanie A. Blais, St. Francis Xavier University
    Natasha L. Bumstead, University of Western Ontario
    Caroline Dennis, University of Windsor
    Jill L. Dreger, University of Regina
    Cetina Farrugia, McMaster University
    Nathan R. Forslund, Lakehead University
    Jennifer K. Greville, University of Manitoba
    Brett J.H.M. Hamilton, University of Waterloo
    Philippe Hurtubise, University of Ottawa
    Erin M. Kellough, Mount Royal College
    Kerry Klein, McGill University
    Marc Laurencelle, Université du Québec â Trois-Rivières
    Evelyne Leduc, Queen's University
    Jenny A. MacAuley, University of Victoria
    Heather E. Menicanin, Brock University
    Ryan Noftall, St. Mary's University
    Jenna M. Phillips, Brandon University
    Lise Robichaud, University of New Brunswick
    Kara-Lynn Scallion, Acadia University
    Reid Staples, Simon Fraser University
    Mavros I. Whissell, Laurentian University


    Malcolm Alexander, Lakehead University
    Megan M. Blamire, Queen's University
    Susan A. Brodie, University of New Brunswick
    Jared P. Butler, Dalhousie University
    Jonathon Cirelli, Laurentian University
    Tim Cross, Acadia University
    Christopher M. Doughty, Simon Fraser University
    Kimberley A. Ells, St. Francis Xavier University
    Ian Foster, University of Western Ontario
    Benjamin Hudson, University of Victoria
    Brittan M. Jones, Brandon University
    Adrian Karolko, Mount Royal College
    Diana Kuiper, University of Ottawa
    Francis Lefebvre, Université du Québec â Montréal
    Jeannette M. Marcotte, University of Regina
    Ryan C.D. Martin, University of Manitoba
    Jean-François Montreuil, Université Laval
    Mylaine Pilote, Université du Québec â Chicoutimi
    Kyle Charles Rebryna, University of Calgary
    Sandra Reynen, University of Windsor
    Kamalpreet Sihra, Brock University
    Ahmad Saleem, Carleton University
    Ashley Smyth, University of Waterloo


    Nancy Ballantine, University of Manitoba
    Heather Campbell, University of New Brunswick
    Jennifer Cardamone, Laurentian University
    Steve Caron, Simon Fraser University
    Stephen L. Hinchey, Memorial University
    Laura I. Karrei, Carleton University
    Janice P.L. Kenney, University of Windsor
    Christopher Lane, Lakehead University
    Richard LeBreton, Ecole polytechnique
    Debbie M. Legaspi, Mount Royal College
    Peter M. McChesney, St. Francis Xavier University
    Caroline Mealin, University of Waterloo
    Ben J.A. Moulton, St. Mary's University
    Vanessa Peters, McGill University
    Hannibal J. Preto, University of Victoria
    Geoff G. Spears, Brandon University
    Sarah Rose Wallace, University of Western Ontario
    Heather E. Wolczanski, Acadia University


    Ahmed Ahmed, St. Mary's University
    Jeffrey Beirnes, University of Waterloo
    Allison A. Brand, University of British Columbia
    Kyl B. Chhatwal, Queen's University
    Emily Delahaye, University of Victoria
    Jesse L. Dykstra, Okanagan University College
    Ian Herman, Haileybury School of Mines
    Stephen L. Hinchey, Memorial University of Newfoundland
    Melissa D. Holt, Simon Fraser University
    Josée Labelle, Université du Québec â Trois-Rivières
    Jean-Francois Larivière, Université du Québec â Montréal
    Robert Lodge, Acadia University
    Aaron Jacob Lussier, University of Manitoba
    Beverly J.S.W. Mack, University of Calgary
    Christene Martin, St. Francis Xavier University
    James Morley, University of Regina
    Geoff Newton, Laurentian University
    James C. Ouellette, University of Guelph
    Jennifer Paradis, University of New Brunswick
    Ian Power, University of Western Ontario
    Genevieve Robert, McGill University
    Dawn Rusnak, Brock University
    Dave Saucier, école polytechnique
    Derek Smyth, University of Windsor
    Markus Suilans, Carleton University
    Breanna C. Uzelman, University of Saskatchewan
    Siobban (Sasha) Wilson, McMaster University


    Bjarne Almqvist, Laurentian University
    Ashley Armstrong, University of Windsor
    Steven Berg, University of Waterloo
    Trevor Bishop, Simon Fraser University
    Katryn M. Deely, University of Notre Dame
    Julien Gingras, Université du Québec â Trois-Rivières
    Shari L. Hayne, St. Francis Xavier University
    Sasha Herwig, University of Manitoba
    Trevor A. Hoffman, Brandon University
    Megan Jenkins, University of Calgary
    Daina Marie Kennedy, Laurentian University
    Kristin D. Knorr, University of New Brunswick
    Mathieu Landry, Carleton University
    David Lane, University of Victoria
    Martin L. Little, Brock University
    Lindsey M. MacBride, University of Manitoba
    Frances Mitchell, Acadia University
    Andrea Mosher, Dalhousie University
    Ariana Osman, University of Western Ontario
    Alexa Ranson, Queen's University
    Jennifer Lee Sarnecki, University of Alberta


    Karine Bédard, University of Ottawa
    Sean A. Bosman, University of Western Ontario
    Ellen Choi, University of Toronto
    Andrea M. Cox, University of Western Ontario
    Adrian E. Forsyth, University of Windsor
    Stephen C. Ingram, St. Mary's University
    Nathalie MacLean, Acadia University
    Anetta Markussen-Brown, Carleton University
    Christina Ponte, Lakehead University
    Lynn Reich, University of Alberta
    Shovik Sengupta, University of Waterloo
    Brian Tucker, Laurentian University

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