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Student Travel/Research Grant

The Mineralogical Association of Canada awards travel and research grants to assist honours undergraduate and graduate students in the mineral sciences to

  • Present their research at a conference
  • Visit a facility, laboratory, or field area to gather data for their research
  • Pay for analyses or equipment for an independent research project that will complement their main research project

Grant value
The maximum grant value is CA$1200 per student. Grants will fund up to 50% of costs incurred for registration, travel and subsistence, and up to 100% of other research costs (e.g., equipment, analyses). Quotations and receipts may be requested for any equipment purchased.

Graduate students and honours students at the undergraduate levels in one of the following fields

  • Mineralogy
  • Crystallography
  • Petrology
  • Economic Geology
  • Geochemistry

Following the event, grant recipients must submit a report of their travel or research for possible publication by MAC.

Deadline for application
January 15

A subcommittee of the MAC Council will review all proposals received by January 15 to be awarded by March 31. The MAC Council reserves the right to make no awards.

Application Forms

Submit the application form and your CV along with a signed letter of support from your supervisor. Write brief but thorough statements and be clear as to how the proposed activities will benefit your education or research. If the space provided for the budget is insufficient, then attach your budget on a separate sheet.

If presenting a talk or poster at a meeting, include an abstract of the research that will be presented. Grants will be conditional to acceptation of the abstract for the meeting.

If you are requesting a research grant, include a one page research proposal. This should explain what you propose to study, why the research is important or interesting, as well as a detailed description of how and when you will do this research. The research proposal should also explain the independence of the research project and how it will complement their main research project.

Congratulations to the following students who have received the Student Travel/Research Grant

Jamie Cutts, University of British Columbia, to conduct U-Pb LA-ICP-MS Analyses and participate in the International Eclogite Conference in Sweeden
Garrett Harris, University of Alberta, to present his thesis at the International Kimberlite Conference in Gaborone, Botswana
Kelsey Lamothe, McGill University, to conduct analytical work at the Metal Isotope Geochemistry Centre of Yale University
Rebecca Lynch, University of Victoria, for the use of X-ray spectroscopy at the Advanced Microscopy Facility at University of Victoria
Svieda Ma, Queen’s University, to conduct analyses at the Electron Microprobe/SEM Facility at University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Emily Mick, University of Ottawa, to present her research at GAC-MAC 2017
Rhea Mitchell, Carleton University, to present her research at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly in Austria
Kevin Neyedley, Saint Mary’s University, to present his research at the European Current Researh on Fluid Inclusions, Nancy, France
Stéphane Poitras, University of Alberta, to present her research at the International Kimberlite Conference, Gaborone, Botswana
Marion Saby, Université du Québec, Montréal, to conduct field work in Iceland and New Zealand
Gavin Tolometti, University of Western Ontario, to present his research at LPSC, Houston, USA
Connor Turvey, Monash University, to conduct lab work at University of British Columbia
Ching-Pao Wang, Western University, to conduct X-ray diffraction, Electron probe microanalysis and Secondary ion mass spectrometry at APS, Chicago, USA
Tianqi Xie, University of Western Ontario, to present her research at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Texas

Mallory METCALF, Queen’s University, Present research at GAC-MAC, Whitehorse
Abd-Erraouf DJIRAR, University of Western Ontario, Use of lab at Argonne National Labs
Malcolm HODGSKISS, McGill University, Field work in the Belcher Group, Belcher Islands, Nunavut
Ty MAGEE, University of Saskatchewan, Analysis of samples at CCIM, University of Alberta
Brayden McDONALD, University of Saskatchewan, Analysis at Saskatchewan Isotope Lab
Janina CZAS, University of Alberta, Present research at GAC-MAC, Whitehorse
Sarah DAVEY, Carleton University, Use Wilfey table at University of Toronto
Lauren HARRISON, University of British Columbia, Present research at Goldschmidt, Yokohama, Japan
Brendt C. HYDE, University of Western Ontario, Research at University of Portsmouth
Rebecca PAISLEY, McGill University, Field work Southern Hemisphere, Chile
Emily SCRIBNER, University of British Columbia, Present research at GAC-MAC, Whitehorse

Donnelly ARCHIBALD, University of Adelaide Australia;
to present research at GAC-MAC/Joint Assembly 2015 in Montreal
Philippe Maxime BELLEY, University of British Columbia;
for usage of the electron microprobe at University of Ottawa
Jaime CAPLETTE, Laurentian University;
to conduct field work in Trail, British Columbia
Peter W. CROCKFORD, McGill University;
to conduct field work in West and South Australia
Neva FOWLER-GERACE, University of Toronto;
to present research at the European Geosciences Union conference 2015
Freya GEORGE, Carleton University;
for usage of selective fragmentation machine at Queen’s University
Mitchell KERR, Laurentian University; to present research at GAC-MAC/Joint Assembly 2015 in Montreal
Donald LAKE, University of British Columbia;
to conduct fieldwork at the Rock Creek emerald discovery in Utah
Travis McCARRON, University of New Brunswick;
for usage of electron-probe micro analyzer and mineral liberation analysis
Cedrick O’SHAUGHNESSY, University of Toronto;
to conduct analysis of alkali-silicate glasses and melts with Raman spectroscopy in Paris, France
Annemarie PICKERSGILL, University of Glasgow;
to conduct fieldwork at three impact craters in Brazil
Anezka RADKOVA, Queen’s University;
to present research at the 3rd Intl. workshop on Antimony in the Environment in Leipzig, Germany
Neil SULLIVAN, University of Toronto;
for usage of XANES at the CLS synchrotron in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Dong Xin YU, University of Ottawa;
to present research at GAC-MAC/Joint Assembly 2015 in Montreal

Erin ADLAKHA, University of Ottawa
To present research at GAC-MAC, Fredericton, NB
Thomas BAGLEY, Acadia University
To conduct aqua regia/ICP-MS analysis
Jennifer BENTZ, Queen’s University
To do field work on the Tibetan Plateau
Ian BORG, Dalhousie University
To do field work and analysis on the possible role of petroleum in the metallogeny of gold in the Touquoy deposit of Nova Scotia
Michael BRAMBLE, University of Western Ontario
To present research at GAC-MAC, Fredericton, NB
Anna CHANOU, University of Western Ontario;
for research on Vitric clast-bearing fragmental Vienna, Austria
Shannon B. GILL, Memorial University of Newfoundland
to present research at GAC-MAC, Fredericton, NB
Jessica HAMILTON, Monash University
To collect seasonal samples at Woodsreef Chrysotile Mine in NSW
Breagh LEBERT, University of New Brunswick
To collect field and drill core data in Kiggavik field area, central Nunavut
Julia MCMILLAN, University of Alberta
To present research at CSPG Conference in Calgary, AB
Benjamin MOULTON, University of Toronto
To carry out XANES experiments at Canadian Light Source, Saskatoon
Amy Grace RYAN, University of British-Columbia
To present research at the European Geosciences Union in Vienna, Austria
Sri Budhi UTAMI, McGill University
To attend Cities on Volcanoes 8 Conference and field trip in Yogyakarta, Indonesia to sample additional gypsum stalactites and fluid

Michael Ariel ANTONELLI, University of Maryland
Thomas Christof CHUDY, University of British Columbia
Mallory DALSIN, University of British Columbia
Zach A. DILORETO, University of Windsor
Andrew FAGAN, University of British Columbia
Maryam Shahabi FAR, University of Windsor
Rebecca MACDONALD, St. Francis Xavier University
Laura MACNEIL, Queen’s University
Krisztina PANDUR, University of Saskatchewan
Annemarie E. PICKERSGILL, Western University
Ann C. TIMMERMANS, Carleton University
Rui WANG, University of Alberta

Kevin M. CANNON, Queen’s University
Martin D. CLARK, McMaster University
Dustin DAHN, St-Francis Xavier University
Nicolle DUPUIS, St. Francis Xavier University
Yonggang FENG, University of Windsor
Olivier GAGNÉ, University of Manitoba
Rebecca MOUMBLOW, McMaster University
Eric THIESSEN, University of Alberta
David James TURNER, University of British Columbia
Deanne VAN ROOYEN, Carleton University

Donnelly Brian ARCHIBALD, Acadia University
Neil FERNANDES, University of Alberta
Evan Robert GLADNEY, St. Francis Xavier University
Pedro Acosta GONGORA, University of Alberta
Anna HICKEN, Queen’s University
Steven HOLLAND, McMaster University
Darren Thomas LEFORT, St. Mary’s University
Rhea MITCHELL, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Kelsey NORLUND, McMaster University
Daniel A PETRASH, University of Alberta
Graeme SCOTT, University of British Columbia
Jared SHIVAK, University of Western Ontario
Kathleen A. SMART, University of Alberta
Michelle THOMPSON, Queen’s University
Anne WESTHUES, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Christine AUSTMAN, University of Saskatchewan
Michael BABECHUK, Laurentian University
Kristy-Lee BEAL, University of New-Brunswick
Alexandra BLINOVA, University of Alberta
Trevor BRISCO, Acadia University
Leah CHISTE, Acadia University
Thomas CHUDY, University of British Columbia
Tashia DZIKOWSKI, Universith of British Columbia
Cole T. EDWARDS, Acadia University
Steven FELLOWS, University of Victoria
Bradley LAZICH, Laurentian University
Mao MAO, University of Saskatchewan
Aleksandra MLOSZEWSKI, University of Alberta
Tasca Noela SANTIMANO, McMaster University
Laura SCHMITT, University of Calgary
Michelle STROPKY, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Melissa ANDERSON, Brandon University
Suzanne BYRON, University of Alberta
Christopher CHARLES, University of Toronto
Yee Ping CHAU, University of Calgary
Colin A. COOKE, University of Alberta
Taryn GRAY, St Mary’s University
Matthew IZAWA, Western University
Dawn KELLETT, Dalhousie University
Shannon LEDGER-PIERCEY, St Mary’s University
Darren LEFORT, Saint Mary’s University
Varina SMITH, McGill University
Albert STOFFERS, University of Carleton
Adrian VAN RYTHOVEN, University of Toronto
Eva R. WADOSKI, University of Maine
Tingting WANG, Waterloo University

Nathan BRIDGE, University of Western Ontario
Gabriela BUDELAN, University of Calgary
Christopher COUESLAN, University of Calgary
Mallory DRYSDALE, Queen’s University
Andrew FAGAN, University of Alberta
Hannah GRANT, Queen’s University
Tania MARTINS, Universidade do Porto
Sean MCCLENAGHAN, University of New-Brunswick
Kara-Lynn SCALLION, Acadia University
Caroline RICHER, University of New-Brunswick

Kristy BEAL, University of New Brunswick
Aaron BELL, University of Nevada. Las Vegas
Nathan BRIDGE, University of Western Ontario
Christopher CHARLES, University of Toronto
Brendt HYDE, University of Western Ontario
Matt IZAWA, University of Western Ontario
Dawn KELLETT, Dalhousie University
Marc-Antoine LAPORTE, Université Laval
Ian POWER, University of Western Ontario
Dean VAN ROOYEN, Carleton University

Laurel BASCIANO, Queen’s University
Beverley COLDWELL, Kingston University
Skya FAWCETT, Queen’s University
Nils PETERSON, University of British Columbia
Geneviève ROBERT, University of British Columbia
Christina M. SMEATON, University of Windsor, GLIER
Siobhan A. (Sasha) WILSON, University of British Columbia
Heather WILSON, University of Calgary
Heather WOLCZANSKI, Acadia University

Anetta BANAS, University of Alberta
Elspeth M. BARNES, University of British Columbia
Allison BRAND, University of British Columbia
Fernando COLOMBO, University of Cordoba, Argentina
Tashia DZIKOWSKI, University of British Columbia
Heather KAMINSKY, University of Alberta (Clay conference)
Paul KENWARD, University of Windsor
Diana LOOMER, University of New Brunswick
John W. MOREAU, University of California-Berkeley
Guangrong NING, , University of Western Ontario
Ian POWER, University of Western Ontario
Dustin K. RAINEY, University of Alberta
Michael SCHULTZ, University of Alberta
J. Gregory SHELLNUTT, University of Hong Kong
Kimberly Terry TAIT, University of Arizona
Coby WONG, Sze Chung, University of Hong Kong
Jingshi WU, University of Western Ontario